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ART FLEX Software

ArtFlex Software – Quick Dims Plugin

Client Information: ArtFlex Software is a software development company that specializes in creating innovative and user-friendly solutions for print management and production businesses. With a focus on improving efficiency and saving time, ArtFlex Software’s unique solutions for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign enhance flexibility and streamline design and prepress processes.

With over 20 years of experience in packaging development and print management, ArtFlex Software’s fully featured plug-ins allow designers to create better artworks more quickly and easily, while also providing printing houses and brand owners with more accurate print data.

Located in the inspiring and idea-rich IT Hub in Nordhalben Village, ArtFlex Software is committed to developing new design and print apps that enhance quality, efficiency, and ease of use for their clients.

Project Details: Acumen Technologies has developed ArtFlex Quick Dims, an Adobe Illustrator (AI) plug-in specifically designed for graphic operators who prepare artworks for brand owners. Compatible with the last three versions of AI on both Mac and Windows operating systems, Quick Dims adds a new tool to the AI Tools Palette and features a pop-up panel for customizing dimension objects.

The Quick Dims plug-in streamlines the process of measuring and creating dimensions from graphic object bounding boxes, allowing users to dynamically update the dimension object if artwork metrics have changed. Additionally, the plug-in offers a preview mode, enabling users to modify and visualize the resulting dimension objects before creating them.

With the Quick Dims plug-in, users can also create and edit dimension segments, allowing them to create segments between two points that are or are not on any existing path. Creating dimension segments is made easy with two clicks to specify segment points and one additional click to create the segment, and adjustments can be made after the segment is created.

Acumen Technologies also handled the packaging of the plug-in and created installers for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Technologies Used: QT/C++ development on Windows and macOS platforms for Adobe Illustrator and  InDesign

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