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Digital is in our DNA. We are born in the digitalization century to unite the world and create unique transformational experiences.

Why Salesforce

“Salesforce is the #1 intelligent CRM platform for businesses of all sizes. Recognized by industry analysts and by leading user review organizations as the market leader for CRM technology, Salesforce provides out-of-the-box solutions that let growing businesses easily implement cutting-edge technology and connect all of the solutions that are important to them. On average, customers using Salesforce CRM have seen 38% faster decision-making, a 25% increase in revenue, and a 35% jump in customer satisfaction.” – from one of the Salesforce official landing pages. You can’t answer the question “why Salesforce?” better than that.

Why Get Obsessed by Salesforce

The fascinating thing about salesforce is that it is so huge with all its cloud solutions, that there is always a perfect match with one or more of the clouds with the needs of the company, and the solution can be expanded with the new clouds when the desire of the stakeholders change in future. In addition all those clouds can be expanded with custom solutions.

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